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VPS Hosting Definition

$6.00 /mo

VPS OVZ 1 Plan

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Data Storage
  • 1 TB Bandwidth

Usually, guaranteed resources and complete server root access are available with dedicated hosting, but ReMARK HOSTING server virtualization technology permits them to provide very affordably priced virtual private servers that are cheaper than a dedicated web hosting server. ReMARK HOSTING VPS hosting platform is absolutely one of a kind. Each hardware node is an enterprise-class server offering 2 x Opteron 6128 octa-core CPUs, up to 128 gigabytes of DDR3 ECC registered memory and numerous high-speed 600GB SAS HDDs in a RAID 10 configuration.

Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian OSs

ReMARK HOSTING offers different OSs (Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian). There is an array of hosting Control Panel options available with the all VPS web hosting server packages provided by ReMARK HOSTING. The clients can choose between DirectAdmin, Hepsia and cPanel, and while the famous cPanel hosting CP is available as a paid option, the free-of-charge Hepsia web hosting CP is recommended for those looking for an easy-to-use fully featured hosting Control Panel.

A Free-of-Cost Web Hosting Control Panel

If you juxtapose the cPanel hosting Control Panel and ReMARK HOSTING's Hepsia CP, you will notice that the Hepsia CP looks better and performs significantly faster. Another essential upside is that, in contrast with the cPanel hosting CP, everything is well arranged and users can carry out numerous tasks. With the Hepsia hosting CP, you will be able to administer all your domains, mail accounts, website files, etc. from a single location. This Control Panel is not only intuitive, but it also offers domain name registration and transfer options – something, which is not offered by the cPanel Control Panel. In addition, the Hepsia web hosting CP features in-depth statistics, the Varnish Cache web accelerator and the Memcached memory caching system, a full array of database management tools for your MySQL and PgSQL databases, a single-click web app installation tool and more.

OVZ 1 OVZ 2 OVZ 4 OVZ 8 OVZ 16
1 CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores 8 CPU Cores
20 GB Storage 40 GB Storage 80 GB Storage 160 GB Storage 320 GB Storage
$6.00 / month $13.00 / month $21.00 / month $48.00 / month $84.00 / month